Student Checklist

Note: the student is responsible for following the required timetable for events.

First year
______Meet with adviser to plan coursework until completion of the candidacy
______Select Candidacy Committee members. These may be the same as your Doctoral Advisory Committee
______Discuss research project with adviser
______Take first credit of Hort 590
______Complete SARI requirement

Second year
______Take candidacy exam and notify Graduate School when passed
______Appoint Doctoral Advisory Committee
______Take second credit of Hort 590
______ Prepare thesis proposal
______ Doctoral Advisory Committee meeting to present thesis proposal and set-up course of study
______Complete course requirements for statistics and teaching or extension experience

Third year
______Provide committee with an update on your progress and any changes from the original study plan.
______ Pass the Comprehensive Exam (Minimum three months prior to final exam)

During the LAST YEAR student MUST complete the following:
______ Present public seminar, Hort 590
______ Activate intent to graduate with the Graduate School
______ Present thesis to Graduate School for format review
______ Submit copy of thesis to all committee members
______ Pass Final Exam (thesis defense) -must formally schedule 3 weeks prior to exam
______ Receive corrections and suggestions from committee members
______ Submit thesis to Graduate School

* You must comply with the due dates set by the Graduate School if you want to graduate this semester. Each semester they publish deadlines for activating your intent to graduate, setting the date for your final oral examination, submitting the thesis for format review and in final form, etc. Check their website at for the due dates in the semester you plan to graduate.