Research Projects

This is the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Climate Resilient Beans, a USAID project led by principle investigator Dr. Jonathan Lynch at Penn State. The project is titled "An Integrated Program to Accelerate Breeding of Resilient, More Productive Beans for Smallholder Farmers".

Investigating the impact of root anatomical traits on drought tolerance, phosphorus deficiency, and nitrogen deficiency in the greenhouse and field.

A novel trait to increase drought tolerance by reducing the metabolic cost of soil exploration

Simulated root architectures of a shallow (top), medium range (middle) and deep rooted (bottom) common bean showing differential root deployment that may affect resource capture of stratified soil resources such as phosphorus, potassium, nitrate and water.

The Roots Lab has pioneered the study of root system architecture as a conglomerate of root phenes in both maize and common bean.

Understanding the physiological and genetic basis of root traits enhancing water acquisition by plants to enable the breeding of more stress tolerant crops