Research Sites

The Lynch and Brown labs have access to state-of-the art laboratories, large greenhouses, and agricultural fields in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Africa.  Collaborations with scientists around the world provide further laboratories and land.

A view of fields at Rocksprings with the head house in the background

This is the lab's primary field site and is located only a few miles from Penn State. The lab uses several fields and facilities at this farm for controlled studies of phosphorus, nitrogen, and water stress.

A quiet day at the beach... er, the low phosphorus field

This research site was developed in conjunction with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation focusing on the evaluation of maize and bean root system architecture for improved drought and other abiotic stress tolerances common in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Early field season image from maize plots at ARBC in 2015.

The Apache Root Biology Center (ARBC) was established in 2012 by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation for the Roots lab located in Willcox, AZ, USA.

The Lynch and Brown labs utilize approximately 4500 sq ft of greenhouse space on the Penn State campus.

The Roots Lab has access to laboratories totaling approximately 3,000 sq. ft. at the Penn State campus.

This facility is revolutionizing high-throughput phenotyping of root anatomical traits by increasing the speed of sectioning and imaging and allowing 3D reconstructions.