2008 Recipient - Dr. Nancy Jo Elke

Nancy Jo ElkeNancy Jo Ehlke
Ph.D. 1987
2008 Recipient

Dr. Nancy Jo Ehlke is Professor and Head, Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics at the University of Minnesota. Her responsibilities are to conduct research on the genetics and breeding methodologies of forage legumes, turf grasses, and native legumes; to conduct a germplasm enhancement and varietal development program for important forage crops and turf grasses; and to develop management strategies which maximize the profitability and sustainability of grass and legume seed production in northern Minnesota. She also teaches courses on Introduction to Plant Breeding and Applied Experimental Design.

Dr. Ehlke was appointed Interim Head of the Department in 2005 and Head in 2007. She has administrative responsibility for a department with 24 faculty and 9 adjunct faculty in St. Paul and 5 faculty and 4 adjunct faculty located at 4 Research and Outreach Centers across the state. She oversees diverse research programs in agroecology and cropping systems; breeding, biotechnology and genomics; bioenergy, new crops and new crop uses provide the foundation for teaching and outreach education programs that serve both campus-based students and other learners and clientele around the state and region.

Nancy received her BS and MS degrees from the University of Wisconsin. Her Ph.D. from Penn State was under the supervision of Richard Hill (Thesis Advisor), Les Lanyon, Kenneth Leath, Harold Marshall, Marvin Risius, and Al Turgeon. Her thesis was entitled Comparison of means, variances and covariances of relatives in random mating autotetraploid and allotetraploid populations (of alfalfa).

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