Dwight Lingenfelter

  • Extension Associate, Weed Science
Dwight Lingenfelter
421 Agricultural Sciences and Industries Building
University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-865-2242


  1. M.S., Agronomy, The Pennsylvania State University, 2004
  2. B.S., Agronomy, The Pennsylvania State University, 1992

Responsibilities and Interests:

My primary responsibilities include assisting the State Weed Specialist, Dr. Curran with his Extension and applied research activities. I am responsible for developing presentations, newsletter articles, writing fact sheets and other materials for Extension purposes, assisting with the routine revisions of The Penn State Agronomy Guide, presenting practical information at county Extension meetings, conferences and field days, and generally contributing to other Extension and herbicide evaluation research in mainly agronomic and some vegetable crops. Also, I am involved with coordinating our annual Penn State Agronomic Field Diagnostic Clinic and Agronomy Scout School and coaching our Penn State Collegiate Weed Science Team.


Professional Background:

  • Research Technician, Ciba Crop Protection Research Station, Hudson, NY, 1992
  • District Manager/Crop Consultant, Crop Pro-Tech, Inc., Sterling, IL, 1992-93
  • Extension Associate, Dept. of Plant Science, Penn State, 1994-present
  • I am an active member of the Pennsylvania Agronomic Education Society and am serving on the Board of Directors, the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA), and a Past President of the Northeastern Weed Science Society (NEWSS).

Selected Publications:



  • Isoxaflutole vs. Mesotrione: The Battle of the Bleachers. D.D. Lingenfelter, W.S. Curran, and K. Handwerk. 2002. Proc. NEWSS 56:24.
  • ALS-Resistant Pigweed in Pennsylvania: Is it finally here? D.D. Lingenfelter and W.S. Curran. 2001. Proc. NEWSS 55:20.
  • Roundup vs. Liberty: What have we learned? D.D. Lingenfelter, W.S. Curran, and E.L. Werner. 2000. Proc. NEWSS 54:39.
  • Control of Wirestem Muhly in Herbicide Resistant Corn. D.D Lingenfelter, and W.S. Curran, 1999. Proc. NEWSS 53:65.
  • Topical Soda Apple in Pennsylvania: Merely an Isolated Incident? D.D. Lingenfelter and W.S. Curran, 1998. Proc. NEWSS 52:22.
  • Effect of Preplant Tillage and Nicosulfuron on Wirestem Muhly Control in Corn. D.D. Lingenfelter and W.S. Curran, 1997. Proc. NEWSS 51:15.
  • Effect of Glyphosate Application Timing on the Control of Wirestem Muhly (Muhlenbergia frondosa (Poir.) Fernald). D.D. Lingenfelter and W.S. Curran, 1997. WSSA Abstracts 37:27.
  • Effect of Glyphosate and Several ACCase Inhibitor Herbicides on Wirestem Muhly Control. D.D. Lingenfelter and W.S. Curran, 1996. Proc. NEWSS 50:36.