James Burridge

  • Postdoctoral Scholar, CRIB Project Manager
James Burridge
222 Tyson Building
University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-863-2313


  1. Ph.D. 2017 Plant Science, Penn State University
  2. Dissertation: Development of tools to evaluate the utility of grain legume root architecture.
  3. M.Ag. 2010 Horticulture, Penn State University
  4. B.A 2004 International Studies, University of Dayton

Research Summary

My work focuses on identifying and evaluating the utility of traits and strategies conferring tolerance to combined water and phosphorus limitations in legumes.  I use greenhouse, field and in-silico studies to investigate the impact of individual root architectural phenes and phene synergism at the individual and stand level. The goal is to understand phenes and phene interactions within the context of competition, environment and life strategy to increase resource acquisition, transport and use efficiency.  Common bean is the principal focus, but I also work with tepary bean, cowpea, soybean, groundnut and chickpea. Additional projects include comparative root architectural studies and association mapping of root traits of common bean and cowpea.

I also manage the Climate Resilient Bean Project. The project brings together a multidisciplinary team composed of physiologists, geneticists, social scientists and breeders to  identify needs and then develop and release new varieties.


Burridge, J. D., Schneider, H. M., Huynh, B. L., Roberts, P. A., Bucksch, A., & Lynch, J.P. (2017). Genome-wide association mapping and agronomic impact of cowpea root architecture. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 1-13.

James Burridge, Celestina N. Jochua, Alexander Bucksch, Jonathan P. Lynch, Legume shovelomics: High—Throughput phenotyping of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata subsp, unguiculata) root architecture in the field, Field Crops Research, Volume 192, June 2016, Pages 21-32, ISSN 0378-4290,

Bucksch, A., Burridge, J., York, L.M., Das, A., Nord, E., Weitz, J.S., Lynch, J.P., 2014. Image-based high-throughput field phenotyping of crop roots. Plant Physiol. 166, 470–486. doi:10.1104/pp.114.243519

Das, A., Schneider, H., Burridge, J., Ascanio, A. K. M., Wojciechowski, T., Topp, C. N.,  & Bucksch, A. (2015). Digital imaging of root traits (DIRT): a high-throughput computing and collaboration platform for field-based root phenomics. Plant methods11(1), 1.10.1186/s13007-015-0093-3

Fenta, B. A., Beebe, S. E., Kunert, K. J., Burridge, J. D., Barlow, K. M., Lynch, J. P., & Foyer, C. H. (2014). Field phenotyping of soybean roots for drought stress tolerance. Agronomy4(3), 418-435

McClean Phillip E., Burridge Jimmy, Beebe Stephen, Rao Idupulapati M., Porch Timothy G. (2011) Crop improvement in the era of climate change: an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach for common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). Functional Plant Biology 38, 927–933.

Research Interests

Roots Lab