Curriculum Vitae

Siela Maximova Ph.D.

The Pennsylvania State University
421 Life Sciences Building
University Park PA, 16802


Tel.: 814-863-7286

Professional Preparation

1997-1999 - The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, Plant Biotechnology, Postdoctoral Research

1998 - Intellectual Property Rights and International Technology Transfer Internship Program, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

1997 - The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, Plant Physiology, Ph.D.

1992 - Agricultural University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Agricultural Engineering and Horticulture, B.S. and M.S.


2008-present - Senior Research Associate and Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture, PSU

2008-2009 - Director, Plant Sciences, Capital Technology International, Pittsburgh, PA

1999-2008 - Research Associate, Program for Molecular Biology of Cacao, PSU

1996 - Visiting Scientist, University of California, Davis

1993-1997 - Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Horticulture, Penn State University

Research Activities

Dr. Maximova is currently involved and directs several basic and applied research projects on different plants species including: Theobroma cacao L., the chocolate tree; Jatropha curcas , a plant with high potential as a biodiesel feedstock source; Malus domestica (apple); Aristolochia fimbriata , a potential model plant for research on basal angiosperms; and Arabidopsis thaliana , a model for plant research. 

Her research areas include: plant genomics, high throughput gene discovery and expression studies; investigation of the molecular basis of pathogen/host and endophyte/host interactions and disease resistance mechanisms; characterization of genes involved in flavonol and oil biosynthesis in Cacao, and oil biosynthesis in Jatropha; plant biotechnology, development and evaluation of methods for genetic transformation and propagation systems; and evaluation of transgenic plants.  Dr. Maximova is a a member of the International Cocoa Genome Sequencing Consortium (IGCS) that has completed of a draft genome sequence of Theobroma cacao .

Teaching and Advising Experience

Dr. Maximova is a member of the faculty of the Plant Biology Program and the Department of Horticulture graduate programs at Penn State and has been involved with teaching and training students in molecular biology and biotechnology techniques since 1993.  At Penn State she co-teaches of a senior undergraduate course in Plant Biotechnology and Tissue Culture (Hort/Biotech 459). Dr. Maximova has also presented guest lectures for Genomics (HORT 597, IBIOS 597B), Agriculture (AG 150), and Plant Breeding (HORT 407).  Dr. Maximova has also taught Plant Tissue Culture Summer Classes for the PA Governor’s School at the College of Agriculture at PSU, University Park.

Dr. Maximova supervises, teaches and advises undergraduate and graduated students involved in different projects. She directs Hort 496 independent undergraduate research projects that included a project on designing a greenhouse and a cacao propagation facility at PSU during the semester and building the greenhouse with the students for a cacao farmer in Trinidad during a summer trip of 2 weeks (reports from this trip can be read here ). 

Dr. Maximova also teaches biotechnology and tissue culture workshops at Penn State for visiting scientists and at different US and international research centers.  She has presented workshops at Hodges, SC, USA; Ceplac, Brazil; CATIE, Costa Rica; and Castries, Saint Lucia. Dr. Maximova has developed a protocol handbook on cacao propagation and somatic embryogenesis that is periodically updated. The book currently is freely available at the Guiltinan lab.

Synergistic Activities

  1. Technology Transfer, Scientific Capacity Building for the Developing World Training of scientists in developing countries through scientific exchanges, workshops, and graduate training.
  2. In service to the cacao research community Dr. Maximova is a secretary of Molecular Biology Study group for The International Group for Genetic Improvement of Cacao (INGENIC).


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