Masters of Science (M.S.)

Admission criteria, course requirements and thesis information for the M.S. in agronomy.

This is a research-oriented degree for those who expect to terminate their education at graduation or to proceed for the Ph.D. degree. The M.S. or equivalent degree is the normal prerequisite for the Ph.D. program in the Department.

Whether terminal or doctoral-oriented, the objectives of M.S. studies are:

  1. enhanced understanding of an area of science beyond the baccalaureate level
  2. attainment of scientific research skills.

The M.S. candidates are just beginning their research careers and are expected to require considerable guidance in choosing and executing their thesis research projects. However, upon completion of the M.S., the students are expected to have developed the capacity for independent research.

In addition to the general requirements for the M. S. degree as defined by the Graduate School, the department requires six credits of 400- or 500-level formal courses in a minor or general studies area.

An advisory committee will be appointed for each student and additional courses and requirements may be determined by this committee. A thesis based on field or laboratory research is required for the M. S. degree.

All information can also be found in “Guide to Graduate Program in Agronomy”.

The Graduate School requirements and specific Department requirements are as follows: Students with a one-half time graduate assistantship must register for between 9-12 credits per semester to maintain full time status. For a student with a one-half time assistantship, approximately two years will be required to complete the M.S. degree.

A teaching experience is required of all M.S. students in the Department of Plant Science. This experience shall consist of one semester of assistance with one section of a course documented by at least one credit of AGRO 602. Equivalent teaching experience completed outside of the Department may be substituted for this requirement. Students may waive this requirement only by written concurrence of the Thesis Advisor, Graduate Program Director for Agronomy, and Department Head.