Administrative and Office Procedures

Administrative and Office Procedures


A code number is needed to operate the copier located in 109 Tyson and can be obtained from your advisor. The office staff cannot provide you with your advisor's copying code. You will need to discuss the parameters of your copying with your advisor. Personal copies can be made at the cost of $.05 each payable to the office staff.

You will need to use your Penn State ID plus card when photocopying materials at any of the University libraries. ID card accounts are easily charged at automatic machine tellers located in University libraries and Housing and Food facilities all over campus.


The office fax machine is also available for your use for research-related activities. Your advisor's copier and fax code are needed to send a fax. Once both codes are accepted, simply dial the fax number as you would any phone number. Remember that you need to dial "8" to exit University Park.


The main office will provide basic office supplies (i.e. pens, paper, etc.) that are to be used for teaching and research purposes. They are available on a help-yourself basis in the filing cabinets in 109 Tyson. Please let the receptionist know when a particular item needs to be re-ordered. Any item that is not in the office will need to be purchased by your advisor.


Supplies needed for research and teaching that are not available through the main office may be ordered through your advisor. All incurred expenses are the responsibility of your advisor and must be pre-approved. In some instances, however, graduate students may order certain items with a purchasing card (a University credit card) but only when prior arrangements are made. Graduate students are not issued purchasing cards upon arrival at Penn State and your advisor will ultimately determine if you will be given one. You are strongly encouraged to discuss any planned acquisitions with your advisor and/or personnel in the Horticulture Business Office since there are specific University policies to follow. Unauthorized purchases may not be reimbursed.


There is one telephone located in each graduate office for local calls. Long-distance calls can be made using your advisor's telephone with his/her approval.


It is very important that the main office and your advisor be kept aware of your present local address and phone number. Please notify Darlene Berry in 114 Tyson with that information. All student bills and official university mailings will be sent to your permanent home address. The University defines your permanent home address as that address used on your application form. This address can be changed (so that you will receive these mailings) only by filling out a separate billing address form in the Records Office at Shields Building. Any time a change of address occurs, a new form must be filled out at the Records Office.


Key requests are made with Mattie Dutrow in 205 Tyson. You will need to have your advisor notify Mattie on which keys you will need.


The department has two vehicles available for department-related business. Graduate students can reserve either vehicle by signing up in Room 124 Headhouse #1. Summer is the busiest time of use so you will need to plan accordingly. Vehicles may only be driven by University employees 21 years of age or older and who hold a valid appropriate class Pennsylvania Operator's license. Students who are not employed by the University are not permitted to drive University vehicles.


The fleet vehicle request form (also available in Room 109 Tyson-mail room) is used to reserve the use of any University Fleet vehicle. Submit a completed fleet request form (with your advisor's signature and funding information) to Lauren in 101 Tyson. The request and billing is processed electronically by the staff assistants. To assure availability of a vehicle, Fleet Operations encourages you to make the reservation as early as possible (an electronic request must reach the Fleet Central Desk by 4:00pm one working day prior to the vehicle pick up date). Fleet Operations offers its customers zero deductible coverage per vehicle. Additional coverage is available upon request. Please note that 15-passenger vans may only be operated by PSU employees who are over 25 years of age, possess a valid driver's license, and have completed the training and testing module found online at


An accident report must be submitted for any accident involving departmental or Fleet vehicles. Complete all sections of the Report, located in the compartment of the vehicle, and submit the form to Darlene Berry for processing.