Adminstrative Offices

The administrative offices are found on the first floor. 

  • Main office, (Room 101), is staffed by Heather Read (Department Head Support Assistant), Lori Mitzel (Financial Assistant) and Lauren Abersold (Receptionist).
  • Dr. Rich Marini, department head, is located in 119 Tyson.
  • Mattie Dutrow is the Facilities Coordinator - 205 Tyson.
  • Diane Rudy is the Head Financial Assistant - 104 Tyson.
  • Amanda Scott is a Financial Assistant (handles travel expenses/reimbursements) - 105 Tyson.
  • Christina Wagner is a Financial Assistant - 106 Tyson.
  • Cheryl Keller is a Financial Assistant - 103 Tyson.
  • Darlene Berry is the Graduate Program Support Assistant - 114 Tyson.