Academic Status and Employment

Credit Loads, Academic Status and Employment
The Graduate School and Department of Horticulture require students on an assistantship to carry a full credit load as specified below. Maintenance of the established credit loads and responsibility for the consequences of a graduate student’s change of course load rests with the student. The course load is a factor in determining whether a graduate student is classified as a full-time or part-time student; has met resident requirements; and is eligible to hold a fellowship, scholarship, assistantship, or departmental or program appointment. Students holding fellowships or other awards based on academic excellence are required to carry nine or more credits each semester.

Full-Time Status


A student is considered to hold full-time academic status if registered for one of the three options below:

Fall and Spring Semesters

  1. Minimum of 9 credits*
  2. HORT 601 (Post-comprehensive doctoral candidates only)
  3. 9-14 credits plus one-quarter time assistantship;
    9-12 credits plus one-half time assistantship; or
    6-8 credits plus three-quarter time assistantship

Summer Session

  1. Minimum of 5 credits*
  2. HORT 601 (Post-comprehensive doctoral candidates only)
  3. 5-7 credits plus one-quarter time assistantship
    4-6 credits plus one-half time assistantship
    3-5 credits plus three-quarter time assistantship

Note: Students in Horticulture do not usually enroll for summer session, with the exception of international students who have NOT been enrolled during the previous spring semester.

*Students wishing to take more than 15 credits must be granted an exception on an individual basis through the office of the graduate student program.

Part-Time Status

A student registered in any semester for study but who does not meet the criteria for full-time status is considered to be engaged in part-time academic work for that semester. This includes students registered for HORT 611.