Health Insurance and Health Services

Injury and sickness insurance underwritten by Mega Life and Health is available to registered graduate students taking one (1) or more credits, their spouses, and eligible children. Information and applications are available at the Student Insurance Office, 320 Grange Building, (865-7467). In addition, Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance is available through the Graduate Student Association at group rates for graduate students, postdoctoral students and dependents. Information about the Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan is available from the Graduate Student Association, 111B Kern Building, (865-4211). All International students and graduate assistants, their spouses and children, and full-time graduate Fellows are required to have health insurance that meets certain criteria established by the University Student Insurance Committee. These students must show proof of health insurance at the Student Insurance Office, or they may purchase the Penn State Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan. The University contributes 80 percent of the premium for graduate assistants and full-time graduate Fellows enrolled in the plan administered through University Health Services Student Insurance Office. Coverage for spouse and/or child is the responsibility of the student.

Health Services
University Health Services is located in the Student Health Center located adjacent to the Eisenhower Parking Deck and the Bank of America Career Services Building off Bigler Road.

Student Health Center provides outpatient care, an observation unit, a pharmacy, a clinical laboratory, physical therapy and X-ray department, counseling and psychological services, an immunization clinic for allergy shots, a nutrition clinic, urgent care and ambulance services. Throughout the academic year, numerous health promotion opportunities are made available by the Office of Health Promotion and Education.

Furthermore, workshops and individual consultations are provided to address general health promotion and wellness as well as such topics as alcohol, sexuality, contraception and self-care.

  • Ambulance 911
  • Pharmacy 865-9321
  • Appointments 863-0774
  • Physical Therapy 865-7381
  • General Information 865-6556
  • Psychological Services 863-0395
  • Health Promotion/Education 863-0461
  • Sexual Health Education 863-2500
  • Inpatient Care 865-6021
  • Women’s Health 863-2633
  • Nutrition Clinic 863-7414
  • X-ray 863-1976