Advisor and Doctoral Advisory Committee

The advisor, who must be on the graduate faculty in the Department of Plant Science, will assist the student with course selection until the student passes the candidacy exam. For subsequent semesters, the course program should be approved by the Doctoral Advisory Committee.

The advisor and student should discuss possible research projects and jointly decide on an area of research for the student. Based on the intended area of study, the advisor and student should select other members for the Doctoral Advisory Committee, which is chaired by the advisor. The Doctoral Advisory Committee must consist of at least four members of the graduate faculty (including the advisor). One member shall be from outside the Plant Science Department. The student should approach those faculty and ask if they are willing to serve on the Doctoral Advisory Committee.

An oral examination will be administered by the prospective dissertation committee.  The dissertation advisor will be responsible for choosing the individual committee members for the exam  Once member of the Graduate Program Committee will also attend each candidacy exam to monitor the procedure and content.

The Doctoral Advisory Committee is officially appointed after the student passes the candidacy exam. Usually the Candidacy Examination Committee and the Doctoral Advisory Committee are composed of the same members, but this is not required. The Doctoral Advisory Committee is appointed through the Office of Graduate Student Programs in the Graduate School via Stacy Smith, upon recommendation of the student's advisor. The Doctoral Advisory Committee is responsible for approving the broad outline of the student's program and should review the program as soon as possible after admission to candidacy. The committee will prepare, administer, and evaluate the candidate's examinations, as well as supervise and approve the thesis. The advisor serves as the chair of the committee during all exams and meetings.