Horticulture Graduate Program

With expertise ranging from plant genetics and nutrition to marketing and green roof technology, our graduate program in Horticulture offers you the freedom to choose how you study plant sciences.

Perform your research in our department's state-of-the-art research locations on- and off-campus, including cutting-edge laboratories, greenhouses, research farms, and our own functional campus green roofs.

The Department of Plant Science offers:

Research Opportunities for Students

Horticulture graduate students may specialize in:

  • ecology of agricultural ecosystems
  • landscape horticulture
  • marketing and production of horticultural crops
  • molecular biology
  • plant genetics and breeding
  • plant nutrition
  • plant physiology

The Department of Plant Science is the largest comprehensive Plant Science Department in the northeastern U.S. and one of the largest of the Big Ten universities. The department offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Horticulture and Agronomy, and an online M.P.S. degree in Turfgrass Science. Our faculty also advise students in the Intercollege Programs in Plant Biology and Ecology.