Potential Career Paths

Agroecology graduates are prepared for graduate school or internships and jobs in the field, on the farm, in the laboratory, in state and federal regulatory agencies, or in agribusiness.

Agroecology graduates find success in:

  • crop management
  • agricultural research
  • agribusiness
  • environmental protection
  • cooperative extension
  • federal and state regulatory agencies
  • farm management
  • international experience
  • research

An AgroEcology degree will put you in high demand in the job market! Nationally, there are more jobs in the plant sciences than there are graduates to fill them. Our graduates have gone on to manage farms, work for government and non-profit agencies, seed and agrichemical companies, and are outstanding candidates for graduate school.


Kris Ribble, Natural Resources Specialist - NRCS Grassland Specialist. Works with “Project Grass”, an initiative to improve the management of grazing lands across Pennsylvania

Mark Myers, Soil Conservationist, NRCS, USDA - Provides technical assistance to landowners to develop and implement conservation plans & comprehensive nutrient management plans.