Plant Science Option

The Agroecology Plant Science option requires additional emphasis in the basic sciences: mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biotechnology.

The opportunity is available in either option to specialize in agronomy with emphasis on agronomic crops and conservation of soils; or horticulture with emphasis on horticultural crops; or entomology with emphasis on insects and their impact on the ecosystem; or plant pathology with emphasis on plant diseases. AgroEcology students must develop, communicate, and apply technical information about plants, soils, environment, and production practices for food, feed, fiber, or ornamental crops.

Graduates in AgroEcology have a wide choice of careers. Over 90% get jobs in service to the agricultural industry as farm managers, farm chemical and fertilizer store managers, sales representatives, field and laboratory technicians, crop management consultants, extension agents, soil and water conservationists and inspectors for various state and federal regulatory agencies. Some may return to the farm and become producers of farm products.

Those students who anticipate enrollment in graduate school should elect the Plant Science option.

For the B.S. degree in AgroEcology, a minimum of 123 credits is required.