Course Descriptions

Alphabetical listing of all courses offered in the Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program.

Equipment Maintenance and Reel Maintenance

Botany for Golf Course Turfgrass Management Students

Golf Course Financial Management and Accounting

Oral Communication Skills for the Turfgrass Managers

Microcomputers in Turfgrass Management

Arthropod Pests of Cool-season and Warm-season Turfgrass Cultivars

Practical Maintenance of Trees

Life Skills Training for Turfgrass Managers

Leadership Styles and Team Dynamics

Introduction to Human Resource Management

Essentials of Human Resource Management

Math for Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program Students

Weather for Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program Students

Diseases of Turfgrass

Introduction to Soils and Soil Properties

Physical Properties of Soils for Turfgrass

Turfgrass Nutrition

Introduction to the Spanish language for Turfgrass majors.

Special Turfgrass Topics

Weed Control in Turfgrass

Specifications, Construction, and Renovation of Turfgrass Sites

Turfgrass Maintenance

Internship Preparation

Turfgrass Reports

Turfgrass Cultural Practices

Turfgrass Biology

Golf Appreciation

Case Studies in Golf Turf Management