Why Major in Landscape Contracting?

Baccalaureate programs in the Department of Plant Science can give students a broad-based education in plant sciences (fruit, vegetable, flower, and ornamental) or preparation for the landscape industry, but the outdoor labs and field trips add to the experience.

Landscape Contracting majors study the art and technology of the landscape industry. They can focus on the design and construction of landscapes in the Design/Build option, or concentrate on plant establishment and landscape maintenance in the Landscape Management option. Many of our recent graduates work for large landscape companies immediately after graduation.

Landscape Contracting is a profession that involves the art and technology of landscape planning, construction and maintenance for human enjoyment and use. Successful landscape contractors have creative problem solving skills, refined interpersonal skills and an understanding of and respect for natural systems. They apply cultural and scientific knowledge in the planning and construction of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Landscape contractors are actively involved at all scales of operation, and working closely with related professionals, they are responsible for interpreting and executing plans that may involve residential, commercial, institutional or industrial sites. 

Students study landscape design interpretation and construction, as well as plant materials and maintenance. They also receive specialized training in support areas such as graphics, surveying, soils, turfgrass management and disease and insect control. In addition, participants receive computer training in the use of AutoCAD and other software for landscape design, presentation, grading, cut/fill calculation and plant material selection. Courses in estimating, accounting, business administration, economics, and marketing prepare students for the business aspects of the profession.Students are encouraged to obtain on-the-job experience by working with a landscape construction or management firm, a landscape nursery, or other related business.

Our students find lots of hands-on fun, experience and education. Students majoring in Landscape Contracting attend classes with outdoor labs and field trips.  Other activities involve joining the Horticulture (Hort) Club and going to the national PLANET student competition.

Photos of Our Activities

This is an annual fall event that we host at the Snider Ag Arena. The design and development is totally done by students.

Landscape contracting students take a field trip every fall and there are opportunities for summer trips internationally.

Professional LAndcare NETwork. This competition is held nationally every year for landscape, horticulture, turf and forestry students. Events include design/development of garden, using equipment, brick work, plant ID, and making things (benches and accessories to the garden).