The Department of Plant Science offers minors in Agronomy, Arboriculture, and Horticulture.

A minor is defined as an academic program of at least 18 credits that supplements a major. A minor program may consist of course work in a single area or from several disciplines with at least 6, but ordinarily not more than half, of the credits at the 400-course level. Total requirements are to be specified and generally limited to 18 to 21 credits. Entrance to some minors may require the completion of a number of prerequisites, including courses, portfolios, auditions, or other forms of documentation that are not included in the total requirements for the minor. All courses for the minor require a grade of C or higher.

Agronomists are concerned with the principles and practices of field crop production and the conservation of soils and land resources.

The Arboriculture minor has been designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the principled and practices of the arboriculture profession.

The Horticulture minor is designed to provide students with both an overview and in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of horticulture.