Agronomy Minor

Agronomists are concerned with the principles and practices of field crop production and the conservation of soils and land resources.

Areas of emphasis include crop production and protection, plant breeding, forage management, nutrient management, and soil conservation and fertility. Education in this minor emphasizes the principles of plant and soil management and the basic sciences upon which these principles are grounded. A minor in agronomy can complement several majors, and will enhance career opportunities in farm management and the agricultural industry. Employment possibilities include farm chemical and fertilizer store managers, sales representatives, field and lab technicians, crop management consultants, extension agents, soil and water conservationists, and inspectors for various state and federal regulatory agencies.


For the minor in Agronomy, a minimum of 18 credits and a grade of C or higher for each course is required.

Prescribed courses for Agronomy minor are as follows:

  • AGRO 028 (3) Principles of Crop Management
  • SOILS 101 (3) Introductory Soil Science

The student must also select an additional 6 credits from these courses:

  • AGRO 410W (4) Physiology of Agricultural Crops
  • AGRO 423 (3) Forage Crop Management
  • AGRO 425 (3) Field Crop Management
  • AGRO 438 (4) Principles of Weed Management
  • SOILS 402 (3) Soil Nutrient Behavior and Management

The student also must select 6 credits from these supporting courses and related areas:

  • AGRO 495 (1–3) Internship
  • ENT 313 (2) Introduction to Applied Entomology
  • ENT 316 (1) Field Crop Entomology
  • PPATH 405 (3) Microbe-Plant Interactions: Plant Disease and Biological Control
  • AGECO 201 (3) Introductory Agroecology
  • AGECO 144 (3) Principles and Practices of Organic Agriculture
  • AGRO 460 (3) Advances and Applications of Plant Biotechnology
  • SOILS 412W (3) Soil Ecology
  • AGECO 418/SOILS 418 (3) Nutrient Management in Agricultural Systems

Procedures for Enrollment

Students may apply for admission into the Agronomy minor in LionPATH by selecting "Update Academics" in the Student Center.

For additional information, contact the program coordinator, Dr. Heather Karsten, 251 ASI Building, University Park, PA 16802, phone 814-863-3179 or

Contact Information

Heather Karsten, Ph.D.
  • Associate Professor of Crop Production / Ecology
Phone: 814-863-3179