Horticulture Minor

The Horticulture minor is designed to provide students with both an overview and in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of horticulture.

This minor provides opportunities for students from all colleges to learn more about the science and art of horticultural plants and their productive uses. The range of courses allows considerable flexibility for students to tailor the minor to their particular needs. The Horticulture minor meets the increasing demand for a horticulture emphasis for related majors and offers a general education for those seeking to use the minor for its avocational appeal.


The minor in Horticulture consists of a minimum of 18 credits. A grade of C or better is required in all courses used for the minor.

Prescribed Courses

  • HORT 101 Horticultural Science
  • HORT 202 Plant Propagation
  • HORT 315 Environmental Effects on Horticultural Crops

Additional Courses

The student may select supporting courses from the following list:

Systematics: 3 credits

  • HORT 131 Herbaceous Perennial and Annual Identification
  • HORT 137 Ornamental Plant Materials
  • HORT 138 Ornamental Plant Materials
  • HORT 232 Horticultural Systematics

Foundation and Production: 6 credits

  • HORT 402W Plant Nutrition
  • HORT 407 Plant Breeding
  • HORT 412W Postharvest Physiology
  • HORT 420 Plant Growth Regulators
  • HORT 431 Small Fruit Culture
  • HORT 432 Deciduous Tree Fruits
  • HORT 433 Vegetable Crops
  • HORT 450 Greenhouse Management
  • HORT 453 Flower Crop Production and Management
  • HORT 455 Retail Horticulture Business Management
  • HORT 459 Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology

Procedures for Enrollment

Students may apply for admission to the Horticulture minor in LionPATH by selecting "Update Academics" in the Student Center.

For additional information, contact Dr. Dennis Decoteau,

Contact Information

Dennis R. Decoteau, Ph.D.
  • Program Coordinator, Plant Science Major
Phone: 814-865-5587