Course Requirements

Curriculum and the recommended academic plan for students majoring in Turfgrass Science. For the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Turfgrass Science, a minimum of 120 credits is required.

For prospective students and those enrolled since Summer 2018:

For students enrolled prior to Summer 2018:

More Information

The Turfgrass Science major combines business and management courses with the study of grasses, soils, ornamentals, and various pests affecting turf and provides students with the academic background they need for careers in the turfgrass and landscape industry. Turfgrass managers are involved with the production and maintenance of grass plants for recreational, aesthetic, and environmental uses.

Students in Turfgrass Science take courses in basic and applied sciences, including:

  • Business management
  • Plant pathology
  • Entomology
  • Soil science
  • Weed science
  • Turfgrass science

Students can combine the Turfgrass Science major with a minor or elective courses such as:

  • Business
  • Environmental resources
  • Farm management
  • Computer applications
  • Horticulture
  • International agriculture