New Academic Unit Structure Proposed for the College

Posted: June 16, 2011

Dean McPheron recently presented a draft plan for a new academic unit structure in the college. His proposal reduces the number of academic units from 12 to 9, and would have a dramatic impact on the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. If this plan is implemented the crop and turf science faculty would merge with Horticulture to form a new Plant Sciences unit, while the soil science faculty would merge with the School of Forest Resources to form a unit call Forestry and Ecosystem Management. (Click the title of this article for more information on the new academic unit structure proposal).

Details of the proposal are posted at There is only a brief window for public comment so it is important to state your opinion as soon as possible. Please review the proposal (click on "draft plan" to view, print, or save) and provide feedback by Tuesday July 5. To dialogue with the Department Head on this issues visit