Plant ID

This site is designed to have an interactive approach to facilitate your needs. The more you know about the plant in question, the faster you can achieve your results. This site provides users with identification and control options for numerous but not all plants relevant to the Turfgrass industry of the Mid-Atlantic region. The following galleries of plants are believed to be accurate. Any inaccuracies are accidental in nature and should be reported to


This website contains information on the use of specific herbicides for weed control in turfgrasses. However, herbicide labels constantly change. It is the responsibility of the reader to follow all directions and precautions shown on the label before use. Herbicides suggested for use are based on the information found on the herbicide label. The herbicides referred to within this site exhibit some level of control for the designated plant.  Herbicides will not always provide complete control. Neither the authors nor the publisher guarantee or warrant published standards on any product mentioned nor does the use of an active ingredient imply approval of any product to the exclusion of others which may also be suitable.