Ranunculus acris



Blister Plant, Butter Flower, Butter-rose, Common Buttercup, Crazy Weed, Field Buttercup, Giant Buttercup, Gold-cup, Meadow Buttercup, Ranunculus acer, Ranunculus stevenii, Tall Crowfoot, Tall Field Buttercup, Upright Meadow Crowfoot

ID Characteristics

Life cycle: Perennial
Growth Habit: Erect
Propagation: Rhizomes and seed
Leaf Margin: Highly lobed upper leaves and palmately lobed basal leaves
Leaf Hairs: Hairy leaves, petioles, and sepals
Leaf Structure: Pentagonally lobed upper leaves and heart shaped or ovate basal leaves
Leaf Arrangement: Compound and alternate
Root Type: Thick taproot with branching rhizomes
Flower Color: Bright yellow


Similar Species

  • Buttercup, Bulbous Ranunculus bulbosus
  • Buttercup, Creeping Ranunculus repens
  • Buttercup, Small Flower Ranunculus abortivus
  • Daisy, Ox-eye Chrysanthemum leucanthemus
  • Mugwort Artemisia vulgaris
  • Ragweed Ambrosia spp.

Herbicidal Control Options

  • Preemergence: Imazaquin
  • Post Emergence: 2,4-D, Dicamba, Imazaquin, MCPA, Mecoprop-p

Please note: one or more of these active ingredients may exist in combination-type brand name products. Any material used for herbicidal control of any plant may vary in efficacy. Please read the full disclaimer on herbicide usage.