Equisetum arvense



Bottle-brush, Common Horsetail, Foxtail-rush, Horsepipes, Horsetail Fern, Mare's Tail, Meadow-pine, Pine-grass, Scouring Rush Snakegrass

ID Characteristics

Life cycle: Perennial
Growth Habit: Erect
Propagation: Tubers from rhizomes and spores
Leaf Margin: N/A
Leaf Hairs: N/A
Leaf Structure: N/A, stems are tube-like appendages emanating from a central stalk
Leaf Arrangement: Stems are whorled about central stalk
Root Type: Shallow and fibrous with extensive rhizome system
Flower Color: None


Similar Species

  • Pearlwort, spp., Sagina spp. such as Birdseye Pearlwort Sagina procumbens
  • Scouring-rush Equisetum hyemale L.

Herbicidal Control Options

  • Preemergence: Selective control option not available
  • Post Emergence: Clopyralid, Fluroxypyr, Triclopyr

Please note: one or more of these active ingredients may exist in combination-type brand name products. Any material used for herbicidal control of any plant may vary in efficacy. Please read the full disclaimer on herbicide usage.