Veronica serpyllifolia

Thymeleaf Speedwell

Synonyms: Thyme-leaved Speedwell, Veronica

Life cycle: Perennial
Growth Habit: Prostrate
Propagation: Seed or stolons
Leaf Margin: Smooth or fine toothed
Leaf Hairs: Mostly hairless
Leaf Structure: Oval to roundish or football-shaped
Leaf Arrangement: Lower leaves are opposite while upper leaves are alternate
Root Type: Fibrous root system
Flower Color: White to pale blue



Similar Species

Herbicidal Control Options

  • Preemergence: Dithiopyr, Isoxaben, Prodiamine, Simazine
  • Post Emergence: Carfentrazone, Chlorsulfuron, Fluroxypyr, Quinclorac, Trifloxysulfuron

Please note: one or more of these active ingredients may exist in combination-type brand name products. Any material used for herbicidal control of any plant may vary in efficacy. Please read the full disclaimer on herbicide usage.