Trumpet Creeper

Trumpet Creeper

Campsis Radicans


Bignonia radicans, Cow-itch Vine, Tecoma radicans, Trumpet Vine

ID Characteristics

Life cycle: Perennial
Growth Habit: A woody vine that can form a smalll shrub without support for the aerial roots.
Propagation: Root sprouts, seeds, stems
Leaf Margin: Entire
Leaf Hairs: None
Leaf Structure: Coursely toothed made up of 7-15 leaflets
Leaf Arrangement: Opposite compound shiny leaves with two leaves per node
Root Type: Deep, large fibrous root system and aerial roots
Flower Color: Orange trumpet shaped at the end of the branches.


Similar Species

  • Autumn Clematis Clematis terniflora
  • Sumac species Rhus spp.
  • Honeysuckle species Lonicera spp.

Herbicidal Control Options

  • Preemergence: Oxidiazon
  • Post Emergence: Fluazifop

Please note: one or more of these active ingredients may exist in combination-type brand name products. Any material used for herbicidal control of any plant may vary in efficacy. Please read the full disclaimer on herbicide usage.