Faculty Working in this Area

Crop Ecology and Management researchers working in the Department of Plant Science at Penn State.
  • Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Agronomy

Areas of Expertise:
  • Soil Fertility
  • Soil Testing
  • Nutrient Management
  • Manure Management
  • Emeritus Professor of Weed Science

Areas of Expertise:
  • Managing weedy plants in agroecosystems
  • Conservation tillage and cover crops
  • Herbicide use
  • Integrated weed management
  • Weed management in organic cropping systems
  • Professor of Soil Management and Applied Soil Physics


Areas of Expertise:
  • no-tillage
  • cover crops
  • soil compaction
  • soil health
  • soil erosion
  • soil conservation
  • nitrogen fixation
  • Professor of Forage Management


Areas of Expertise:
  • Forage Crop Establishment, Management and Utilization
  • Perennial Warm-Season Grass Establishment and Management
  • Associate Professor of Crop Production / Ecology


Areas of Expertise:
  • Agroecology
  • Conservation & Dairy Cropping Systems
  • Soil & nutrient conservation, perennials, cover crops
  • Pasture ecology and grazing management
  • Associate Professor of Production Systems and Modeling


Areas of Expertise:
  • Agroecosystems
  • Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling
  • Hydrologic and Nutrient Cycling Modeling
  • Environmental Biophysics
  • Plant Ecophysiology
  • Assistant Research Professor
  • Cropping Systems Modeling


Areas of Expertise:
  • Micrometeorological Measurements and Instrumentation
  • Physically Distributed Hydrological Modeling
  • Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture
  • Professor of Weed and Applied Plant Ecology


  • Professor of Agronomy
  • Associate Department Head


Areas of Expertise:
  • Grain crop management
  • Corn management and hybrid evaluation
  • Corn silage management
  • Soybean management and variety evaluation
  • Winter wheat management and variety evaluation
  • Winter barley management and variety evaluation
  • Interseeding cover crops in corn and soybeans