Faculty Working in this Area

Vegetable researchers working in the Department of Plant Science at Penn State.
  • Program Coordinator, Plant Science Major
  • Professor of Horticulture and Plant Ecosystem Health


Areas of Expertise

  • Air Pollution Injury on Plants
  • Air Quality and Ecosystem Responses
  • Environmental Plant Physiology
  • Vegetable Crops
  • Photomorphogenesis (light regulated plant growth)
  • Emeritus Professor of Vegetable Crops

  • University Distinguished Professor


Areas of Expertise

  • crop ecophysiology
  • plant adaptation to abiotic stress
  • plant genetics
  • simulation modeling
  • Professor Emeritus of Vegetable Crops

  • Professor of Horticultural Systems Management


Areas of Expertise

  • Sustainable vegetable systems
  • Organic vegetable systems
  • Field vegetable production systems
  • High tunnel vegetable production systems