From the Field - November 2010
December 1, 2010
Over the past several years, skin infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria have received considerable attention due to potentially life-threatening health complications.
Penn State Graduates Re-sod Lincoln Financial Field
November 30, 2010
Penn State Turfgrass Science graduate and Director of Grounds for the Philadelphia Eagles Tony Leonard and his crew recently completed a field re-sodding at Lincoln Financial Field. Tony’s assistants, Chad Cochenour and Nick Gialloreto, are also graduates of the PSU’s turfgrass program.
Study finds no public health concern with fields containing crumb rubber infill
November 24, 2010
The State of California recently released the results of a study focusing on potential health hazards related to playing on synthetic turf fields containing crumb rubber infill. The study found that inhaling the air above fields poses no public health concern. Additionally, infilled synthetic turf was shown to contain fewer skin-infecting bacteria than natural grass.
From The Field - October 2010
October 11, 2010
In the not-too-distant past, when an athlete got his "bell rung" he would typically go to the sideline for a couple of plays to clear the cobwebs and then return to the field. With the increased attention now given to concussions, those days are thankfully behind us.
From The Field - September 2010
September 3, 2010
Most ACL injuries are due to rotational torque in the joint. Injury risk is often evaluated by measuring the amount of resistance to shoe rotation.
Risk Assessment of Artificial Turf Fields
July 30, 2010
In response to public interest and concern, four Connecticut state agencies completed a two-year comprehensive evaluation of the health and environmental impacts associated with artificial turf fields containing crumb rubber infill.
From The Field
June 30, 2010
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