Athletic Fields - Specification outline, construction, and maintenance

This publication outlines drainage patterns for some of the more important types of fields, specification guidelines for their construction, and management practices as they apply to Pennsylvania and areas with similar climates.

A dense, wear-resistant sod is essential on athletic fields and play areas to provide playing safety, good footing, and a pleasing appearance. Production and maintenance of such a turf depend on the kinds of grasses used, proper design and construction, good soil drainage, proper seedbed preparation, adequate fertility, and a maintenance program which recognizes the special nature of the care involved.

Prepared by John C. Harper II, professor emeritus of agronomy.

Three basic types of construction currently are used for athletic fields.

Athletic fields should be designed to meet standard dimensions established for the game for which they will be used. Local conditions and project specifics should be considered when designing fields.

A good maintenance program is just as necessary to ensure athletic field turf of satisfactory quality as are sound establishment methods.