Generic and Trade Names of Common Turfgrass Fungicides

Generic names Contact (C), localized penetrant (LP), or penetrant (P) Common trade names¹
¹Products may be available only through specialized dealers or only in large quantity. Some products can be purchased and applied only by licensed pesticide applicators. This list is presented for information only. No endorsement is intended for products mentioned, nor is criticism meant for products not mentioned.
Azoxystrobin P Heritage
Bacillus lichenformis C EcoGaurd
Boscalid P Emerald
Captan C Captan
Chloroneb C Terraneb SP, ProTurf Fungicide V
Chlorothalonil C Daconil, Manicure, Concord SST, Echo
Ethazole (Etridiazole) C Koban, Terrazole
Fenarimol P
Fludioxonil C Medallion
Flutolanil P ProStar
Fosetyl-Aluminum P Chico Signature, Prodigy
Iprodione LP Chipco 26019, 26 GT, ProTurf Fungicide X
Mancozeb C Fore, Dithane T/O, Protect T/O
Mefenoxam P Subdue MAXX, Apron (seed treatment only)
Myclobutanil P Eagle, Golden Eagle
Potassium phosphite P Alude, Magellan, Resyst, Vital
Polyoxin D LP Endorse
Propamocarb P Banol
Propiconazole P Banner MAXX, Spectator
Pyraclostrobin LP Insignia
Tebuconazole P Torque
Thiophanate-methyl P 3336, Alban, Fungo
Thiram C Spotrete-F, Thiram
Triadimefon P Bayleton, ProTurf Fungicide VII
Trifloxystrobin LP Compass
Vinclozolin LP Vorlan, Curalan, Touche
Combination products
Azoxystrobin + propiconazole P + P Headway
Fenarimol + chlorothalonil P + C Lesco Twosome
Myclobutanil + mancozeb P + C Manhandle
Propiconazole + chlorothalonil P + C Concert
Propiconazole + Fludioxonil + chlorothalonil P + C + C Instrata
Thiophanate-methyl + chloroneb P + C ProTurf Fungicide IX
Thiophanate-methyl + chlorothalonil P + C ConSyst, Spectro
Thiophanate-methyl + flutolanil P + P SysStar
Thiophanate-methyl + mancozeb P + C Duosan
Thiophanate-methyl + iprodione P + LP ProTurf Fluid Fungicide
Triadimefon + flutolanil P + P Prostar Plus
Triadimefon + metalaxyl P + P ProTurf Fluid Fungicide II
Triadimefon + thiram P + C ProTurf Fluid Fungicide III
Trifloxystrobin + triadimefon P + P Armada, Tartan