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Dr. Kaminski's research focuses on the management of fine turfgrass systems. Areas of interest include disease and weed management and cultural practices designed to improve overall turf quality.

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Dollar spot severity as influenced by fungicide mode of activity and spray nozzle.

PDF document, 481.8 KB

Dollar spot, caused by Sclerotinia homoeocarpa, is a severe disease of highly maintained turfgrass. Improving the efficacy of fungicides when applied in relatively low water volumes may be possible through...

Geographic distribution and rDNA-ITS region sequence of Waitea circinata var. circinata isolated from annual bluegrass in the United States.

PDF document, 382.2 KB

Waitea circinata var. circinata is the causal agent of brown ring patch, an emergent disease of turfgrass in the United States. Forty-two isolates from annual bluegrass were...

Inhibition of Pythium spp. and suppression of pythium blight of turfgrass with phosphonate fungicides.

PDF document, 805.9 KB

Pythium aphanidermatum and other Pythium spp. cause Pythium blight of turfgrasses in the United States. Phosphonate fungicides suppress Pythium blight when...

Safety of bispyribac-sodium on colonial bentgrass and influence on brown patch severity

PDF document, 194.1 KB

Bispyribac-sodium can be used to selectively control ABG in stands of perennial ryegrass and creeping bentgrass. However, its safety is unknown when...

Salinity effects on seed germination and vegetative growth of greens-type Poa annua relative to other cool-season turfgrass species

PDF document, 290.4 KB

Seed germination and vegetative growth studies were conducted to determine relative salinity tolerance of greens-type Poa annua L. compared with other cool-season turfgrass...