New Manuscript Published: All time lab record number of pubs in one year!

Posted: July 20, 2015

Fister, A. S., O'Neil, S. T., Shi, Z., Zhang, Y., Tyler, B. M., Guiltinan, M. J. & Maximova, S. N. Two Theobroma cacao genotypes with contrasting pathogen tolerance show aberrant transcriptional and ROS responses after salicylic acid treatment. J Exp Bot, doi:10.1093/jxb/erv334 (2015).


Congratulations to all the authors and collaborators who contributed to all the papers this year:

Yufan Zhang, Phillip Smith, Siela Maximova, Nicolas Niemenak, Edward Kaiser, Tatiana Laremore, Yi Liu, Zi Shi, Z., Mark Payne, Ricardo Goenaga, Ed Seguine, Hebbar Irizarry, Sergio Florez, Rachael Erwin, Wayne Curtis, Andrew Fister, Shawn O'Neil and Brett Tyler

 Still 5 months to go, who will publish next?  Stay tuned!