3D maize root on Annals of Botany 2014 cover
December 20, 2013
Annals of Botany selects 3-D maize root for journal cover image.
'A route for steep, cheap, and deep roots' on SEB
December 20, 2013
The Society for Experimental Biology Oct 2013 Bulletin highlights maize roots research.
'Laser-Sharp Vision' on American Scientist
December 20, 2013
The evolution of the Roots lab's 3-D imaging platform is featured in the American Scientist magazine.
'Feed the Future' with climate-resilient beans
November 16, 2013
PSU News featured a new $5 million effort to accelerate common bean breeding, with a research collaboration led by Dr. Jonathan Lynch.
Mozambique's Best National Researcher 2013
November 16, 2013
Roots lab alum Magalhaes A. Miguel is named 2013 Best National Agricultural Researcher of Mozambique.
Laser ablation on Materials Research newswires
October 14, 2013
The Penn State Materials Research Institute featured the laser ablation tomography method developed in the Roots Lab.
Roots platform receives Edmund Optics award
September 21, 2013
The Edmund Optics 2013 Higher Education Grant Competition awarded second place to the Roots lab at Penn State U. to support development of a high-throughput root phenotyping platform for crop research.
SARE grant awarded for microbe study
September 21, 2013
Roots, soil microbes and farmers gather together in a new project by the Roots Lab.
"Ground-Breaking Roots" feature
September 21, 2013
The Roots Lab was featured in a Penn State Research spotlight named "Ground-Breaking Roots".
'Maize roots against hunger' featured on Deutschlandfunk
September 21, 2013
The Roots lab investigates efficient maize root systems in poor soils to combat hunger, and was recently featured in German national news.
Penn State students study plant stress in Arizona
May 12, 2013
Roots lab students study nitrogen and drought stress at the Apache Root Biology Center in Willcox, Arizona.
Agriculture students visit URBC
March 6, 2013
The Ukulima Root Biology Center was pleased to host students from the University of Limpopo on March 6, 2013.
Roots Lab in Penn State News for Computer Modeling
February 14, 2013
The Lynch Lab was recently featured in Penn State News for their work with computer simulation of root systems.