Mozambique's Best National Researcher 2013

Posted: November 16, 2013

Roots lab alum Magalhaes A. Miguel is named 2013 Best National Agricultural Researcher of Mozambique.

Mozambique's 2013 Best National Researcher, Magalhaes Miguel, described this achievement:

"This is the first time that the Ministry of Agriculture is organizing such [an] event to recognize the contribution of Ag research for alleviating hunger and poverty among rural populations in Mozambique.

There were about 10 researchers from IIAM participating in the contest. Researchers were evaluated [on], among other aspects, recently published papers [and] the impact of their research to solve specific problems that our farmers face.
One of the works that I presented during the competition is the development of phosphorus-efficient bean varieties and the importance of the availability of these varieties for resource-poor farmers, who can not afford to buy inorganic fertilizers to apply to their fields. The use of P-efficient genotypes [can] help solve this problem, since they help farmers improve bean productivity without substantial application of costly fertilizers.
The judges came from several institutions [besides] IIAM. These institutions included the Eduardo Mondlane University, The Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of State (Ministério da Função Pública), and representatives of some CGIAR institutions with offices in Mozambique."

2013 Magalhaes prize

Magalhaes was presented with a diploma of honor and 200,000 MT, as well as research funding for 3-5 years and additional prestigious awards.

Magalhaes acknowledged support from "Dr. Jonathan Lynch, the McKnight Foundation, the IIAM leadership, colleagues at IIAM (specially Dr. Amane, Soares and Celestina), and all my other colleagues in Mozambique and abroad; my mother Halima Uarire, my brothers and sisters, specially my brother Mário Miguel" and dedicated the Prize to "my wife Benencia, and my two little girls Cibelle and Cindy for their patience, support and love."


Photos from the award ceremony, chaired by the President of Mozambique, are here: