Edible Baja Arizona visits Willcox site

Posted: September 11, 2014

The Apache Root Biology Center was featured in the Edible Baja Arizona magazine, which explores regional food culture and heritage.
Crop stress trials are conducted in Willcox, AZ.

Crop stress trials are conducted in Willcox, AZ.

In the September 2014 issue of Edible magazine, the article "Feed the World" by Megan Kimble discusses Howard Buffett's Willcox test farm, including roots research at the ARBC field site.  An excerpt is below.
In the shade of a corrugated tin shed, Jimmy Burridge, a graduate student from Penn State [sic], cuts and catalogues roots (and sometimes listens to The Roots while he works). “We’re trying to figure out what root traits are best for drought,” he says. “We’re looking at root architecture and ability to acquire water.”

Five or six clear plastic Tupperware containers contain bushy bundles of flat green leaves—common beans, he says, but they also work with tepary beans. A student to his left bundles and tags the roots. Later, genotypes grown under well-watered conditions will be compared to genotypes grown under drought conditions. “We’re working with a [seed] breeding program. We tell breeders, this trait is good, this trait is not good,” says Buffett.