Faculty & Staff


Interns learn about the farms and management decisions from the host farmers. An interdisciplinary faculty team also provide technical information and guidance to the undergraduate students in this internship program. This faculty group have expertise and conduct research in many aspects of agroecology including agricultural economics, agricultural extension and education, crop and soil science, entomology, integrated pest management, soil microbial ecology, vegetable crops, and weed ecology. The interns are encouraged to identify an independent research project that addresses a question the farmer has. Faculty help interns conduct an independent research, and produce a descriptive case study of their host farm.

The faculty and students visit and learn about all of the host farms twice during the 10 week farm stay. During the last week of the internship, faculty help students analyze their research data, and compose their descriptive farm case studies. More information about the faculty and staff can be found on their individual pages.

  • Robert Stout
  • Edly Santiago-Andino
  • Cathy Nardozzo
  • Jessica Greenblatt