Cow-Hen Farm

Pasture-raised Beef, Pigs, Turkeys, and Chickens

Cow-a-Hen Farm

callahan collage

Bill Callahan manages his pasture-raised farm in Mifflinburg, PA and currently produces beef, veal, eggs, chicken, turkey, and pork on 100 acres. Mr. Callahan is integrating several animal species to benefit each other, and management of the soil. Callahan believes that each species provides what others will need, leading to a nutrient-production balance among animals, and ultimately resulting in a higher quality end product. Bill Callahan also enjoys the marketing part of agricultural business. He explained that key to his successful marketing is "I sell what my customers wants, my customers drive what I produce and sell." Currently, Bill sells to local food markets and to both the Boalsburg and Millheim Farmers Markets. To find more about this farm you can link to this other site.

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