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Preston and Wanda Boop

boop collage

Preston and Wanda Boop live outside of Mifflinburg, PA, where they raise meat and dairy goats on pasture. In addition, Preston manages an organic alfalfa and grass hay operation, a masonry business! Previously, he raised beef, sheep, and dairy heifers. He enjoys learning through farming and sharing what he has learned, so much that he helped organize the Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture Association. Wanda manages the dairy goat operation at Briar Patch Farm, and produces value-added products that range from goat cheese to goat milk soap. Her goat milk products are sold both online and at the Mifflinburg Farmers Market. They take pride in managing their goats, hay fields, and pastures in a sustainable manner: Preston once served as director of Pennsylvania Certified Organic. To find out more about what the interns learned on the farm you can link to this additional site.

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