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Steve Groff has been widely recognized for his work with soil-conservation techniques including cover crops, no-till, and crop rotation. Groff began no-till techniques with corn in the early 1980s; in the early 1990s he included cover cropping. Presently, his farm’s 175 acres in Holtwood, Pennsylvania, produce several crops including tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, feed corn, soybean, and alfalfa hay using no-tillage techniques. Steve’s philosophy about the soil is that “there should be always something living in the soil all the time in order to keep it alive.” For that reason, he keeps cover crops such as hairy vetch, crimson clover, and rye on the land even during winter. He had participated in research with Dr. Ray Weil of the University of Maryland on Cedar Meadow Farm about the benefits of no-till. As testament to his innovative ways of working with sustainable agriculture, Steve Groff received several awards, including the Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture Leadership Award in 2001. To see more about the Cedar Meadow Farm and what the interns from this program learned visit their Web site.

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