Organic Bio-intensive Farm

Organic Vegetables Farm & Sonnewald Natural Foods Store

Steve and Carol Moore

moore collage

Steve and Carol Moore work 1.5 acres of their 70-acre farm using bio-intensive farming practices in York, Pennsylvania. The 50-year-old farm contains two solar-heated greenhouses and a natural-food store (Sonnewald Natural Foods). Steve Moore explains, “Every action in this farm is dedicated to maximizing health, sustaining the environment, and developing better communities.” They grow several kinds of organic vegetables exclusively for the Sonnewald Natural Foods Store using compost and other innovative bio-intensive practices. People from around Pennsylvania and other states frequent the unique natural-food store.

Steve Moore has extensive experience in bio-intensive farming, extended season solar greenhouse management, and management of beneficial pests. Steve likes to provide healthy products to his clients, as well as doing research on the farm to improve the quality of his organic crops. Steve and his wife also share their knowledge about healthy food by offering seminars and working with programs that teach interns and community members about bio-intensive organic farming practices. On the farm, they have facilities to house interns and host meetings for those who are interested in learn bio-intensive and organic agricultural practices.

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Address: Road 1, Box 1510-A Lehman Road, Spring Grove PA