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Kretschmann Farm

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Don and Becky Kretschmann manage 20 acres of organic vegetables and apples on their 125 acres in Beaver County north of Pittsburgh. They grow about 50 different crops including lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, squash, strawberries, apples, and herbs. During the production season, the Kretschmanns manage one of the largest Community Supported Agriculture operations with 600 members. They deliver food each week in wooden-slat crates to porches and garages at 33 metropolitan area drop-off locations. Each crate is identified with the customer’s name, produce preferences, and includes a weekly newsletter. The weekly newsletter describes activities on the farm, recipes, nutritional information, and provides customers with a personal connection to the Kretschmann Farm. The farm labor crew includes three Mexican employees from May to October, two to four other full time helpers, and several other workers for shorter periods of time. The Kretschmann Farm has a partnership with three Amish families (local organic farmers). The partnership provides a wide variety of vegetables, meat and fruit to individual families, stores, and institutions in Pittsburgh area.

To see more pictures of Kretschmann Farm or the students learning about the whole farm system visit the Kretschmann Farm Web site.

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Address: 257 Ziegler Rd. Rochester, PA 15074