Anna Santini

anna santini

Anna Santini is a senior majoring in Agricultural and Biological Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. Prior to the internship, Anna had worked on an organic vegetable farm. Anna was interested in the internship because she wanted to learn how different components of a farm (animals and crops) can be integrated “to create soil health, human health, and sustainability… This program seems to contain a good balance of hands-on, experiential learning with academic and documented research.”

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In the future Anna would like to work in a field that explores the connections between human health and the environment. “I am intrigued by the challenge of increasing my knowledge of agriculture and ecology while at the same time working to produce food.”

Anna worked at Beech Grove Farm and Provident Farm. In cooperation with David Williams, Anna’s research involved comparing onion production with two reduced tillage and mulch systems, and evaluating the effect of soil fertility and aeration on buttercup weeds and pasture botanical composition.