Annekathrine Vogel

annekathrine vogel

Annekathrin Vogel is a second year student at Bonn University, in Germany. Her interest in agriculture and culture has motivated her to be the Director of the International Association of Agricultural Students (IAAS) at her University. She has visited Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, and Guatemala to acquire international agricultural experience. Annekathrin has worked with vegetables, corn, rice, citrus fruits, aquatic plants, cows, pigs, and hens.

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Due to her interests in international agriculture and organic farming Annekathrin decided travel from Germany to Pennsylvania to participate in the Agroecology Internship. She was attracted to the program because it enabled her “to get more work experience in ecological farming, accompanied by a multidisciplinary faculty team.” Annekathrin was also interested in expanding her agricultural experience, conducting research, and learning how to develop agroecology educational materials. Her long-term goals include owning a small organic farm, and working in international development to help others learn about organic farming and its lasting effects.

Annekathrin worked at the Kretschmann Farm with diverse vegetables crops and the Community Supported Agriculture operation. In cooperation with Kristen Wilmer, she conducted two research projects: i) to evaluate practices for controlling white mold on rosemary, and ii) to describe the organic apple orchard insect population dynamics.