David Williams

david williams

David Williams is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont. David has worked with a wide variety of vegetables, wild flowers, strawberries, and raspberries in Vermont and organic cashews in India. His interest in the Agroecology Internship was to have hands-on experience in organic farming systems. He believes that “you can hear lectures for years and years, but until you put your hands in the soil you have no idea what you are doing.” Williams’ career goals are to own and operate an organic vegetable farm, and to work for an extension service.

williams collage

David had the opportunity to work with organic vegetables and livestock at Beech Grove Farm and Provident Farm. In cooperation with Anna Santini, David conducted two research projects:

  • to compare onion production with two reduced tillage and mulch systems, and
  • to evaluate if soil fertility and aeration would reduce buttercup weeds and influence pasture botanical composition.