Hort Club

The Penn State horticulture club is made up of students who are working toward a career in horticulture and landscaping. Each autumn, club members organize an important fundraising event and attraction - Hort Show. Visitors are invited to come view the indoor gardens, purchase plants, bulbs, and a variety of local produce. Plant materials for sale come from donations from local nurseries and are not limited to those featured in the plant wish list. Proceeds are mostly used to fund the following year's show. Profits are also used to send members to industry-related competitions such as ALCA Student Career Days, to provide monetary support to charitable organizations like THON, and to fund trips to flower shows, public gardens and parks to learn more about horticulture.

The Penn State Horticulture Club as we know it has had a long and interesting history. It was not always called the Horticulture Club, but actually began as the Crab Apple Club. In the Fall of 1909, the Crab Apple Club formed and the rest is history....