Department of Plant Science

Penn State’s home for plant research, learning, and innovation.

The Department of Plant Science is Penn State’s hub for teaching, research, and extension programs focused on plant life. Students prepare for leadership roles in production agriculture, education, medicine, government, and more. Staff, faculty, and students explore areas such as plant genetics, cultivation, disease, marketing, and agribusiness.


Plant Science academic programs integrate multiple scientific and management disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Instruction is hands on, industry focused, and grounded in research.


Penn State is a Tier 1 Research University. Everyone from faculty, to first-year students, to doctoral candidates can participate in meaningful research in a broad range of areas. Current research thematic areas include plant stress resilience; root and rhizosphere biology; resilient, regenerative, and sustainable agriculture systems and landscapes; innovation in digital agriculture; and nutritional quality of plant foods for human and animal health.

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Extension and Outreach

Outreach connects the resources of the Department of Plant Science with community members, industry, and institutions in Pennsylvania and beyond by offering the latest research-based, usable information.

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