Extension Programs

We bring the benefits of plant science to the public.

Penn State Extension shares the resources of the Department of Plant Science with Pennsylvania and beyond through the dissemination of current, accurate, and research-based plant science information.

Faculty members with extension appointments are the primary delivery sources for outreach programs; however, all faculty members leverage their teaching and research programs to serve people, businesses, and institutions.

Agronomic Crops

Find information from Penn State Extension about agronomic crops. Produce and sell corn, grains, hemp, barley, and more. Manage pests, weeds and diseases, and improve soil quality.

Cover Crops

Build upon your cover crop expertise and find educational resources on ryegrass, barley, wheat, hairy vetch, and more. Manage soil quality, pests, and diseases.


Discover a wealth of knowledge about forage crops. Increase your expertise of alfalfa, wheat, sorghum, hay, and more. Improve soil quality and manage pests and diseases.


Grow the best fruit in the business and expand your knowledge of cultivars, pests and diseases, soil quality, and weed management. Discover tips on marketing your produce and managing your business.

Home Gardening

Grow the garden you always dreamed of. Explore the best ways to manage pests, diseases, weeds, soil quality, and more.

Master Gardener Program

The Penn State Master Gardener volunteer program supports the outreach mission of Penn State Extension by utilizing unbiased research-based information to educate the public and our communities on best practices in sustainable horticulture and environmental stewardship.

Ornamentals and Floriculture

Turn heads with your flowers and ornamentals. Explore how to manage pests and diseases, soil and more. Plus, uncover how to grow your business and market your products.

Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program

This program provides a comprehensive source of information about the Nutrient Management Act (Act 38, 2005), and associated technical guidance and educational information.

Pest, Disease and Weed Identification

Find information on how to identify and control common insect, disease, and weed problems in your home, yard, garden, fields, and other environments.

Trees and Shrubs

Hone your tree and shrub skills. Discover educational content on pest, disease, and soil management. Explore the best methods to climb and prune trees.

Turfgrass and Lawn Care

Find comprehensive resources and tips on selecting turfgrass varieties, establishing new lawns, and renovating lawns and athletic fields. Learn the best pest management practices, herbicide and pesticide uses, and turfgrass fertilizer applications.


Learn more about the vegetable industry and how to grow and sell vegetables you’ll be proud of. Find advice on vegetable farming best practices with Penn State Extension.